Corporate employee benefits

Cammell Consulting Group designs and implements complete employee benefits solutions. Our corporate business portfolio ranges from some of the largest blue-chip companies in this country to smaller employers. We have serviced many of our large corporate clients for over 15 years.

One way an employer can build a competitive advantage is by attracting and retaining valued, productive, and loyal staff. Employers of choice demonstrate their commitment to their staff by providing an employee benefits package that will assist their staff and families when they need it most.

We can assist you in creating a more secure future for your staff through group life and permanent disablement, income protection and medical health insurances.

Group insurance products provide significant advantages over staff personally insuring themselves, including group premium rates and automatic acceptance of cover without the need for health evidence (some conditions apply).

Our services include
  • Design of employee benefits packages
  • Market tendering process
  • Implementation
  • Administration and servicing
  • Advice to staff
  • Employee Benefits Options
Group Life Insurance

Provides a lump sum payment in the event of the death of an employee. An additional Total Permanent Disablement benefit component can be included.

Group Income Protection (Salary Continuance) Insurance

Most people do not have cash reserves to fund an unexpected period without income – such as in the event of being disabled and unable to work for an extended period. A group income protection plan provides peace of mind for your staff, knowing that they will receive a benefit during a period of disability.

Group Trauma (Crisis Cover) Insurance

Provides a lump sum payment in the event of a severe critical health condition (e.g. heart attack, stroke, cancer, major transplant surgery, paraplegia etc.). Although the sufferer may recover medically, the impact of the illness on their finances can be devastating.

Medical Healthcare Insurance

Increasingly sought after by staff as a valuable component of their remuneration package, we can advise employers on the full range of group medical health insurance options and insurers.