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BE (Civil) Fellow LBA Member PAA

Bruce Cammell is the Managing Director of Cammell Consulting Group Limited.

Bruce graduated from Auckland University in 1977 with a ‘Bachelor of Engineering - Civil’ and subsequently practised as a professional civil engineer for 5 years. While on a study leave, he became involved in the financial services industry and developed an extensive corporate client portfolio.

"The skills and disciplines I developed while studying at university for my civil engineering degree, and then practising as a professional civil engineer, are invaluable in my financial services consulting role".

Bruce utilises these skills to distil what at times can be complex issues into simple concepts and options which are then easily understood by clients, empowering them to make informed choices. He is also a creative thinker with the ability to develop innovative solutions.

Bruce has 26 years experience in the financial services industry, and with his team, has developed Cammell Consulting Group into one of the leading consulting and broking organisations in this country.

Bruce is a Registered Financial Adviser and has expertise in corporate employee benefits, business and personal risk management. Bruce is a Fellow of the Life Brokers Assocn (LBA) and member of the Professional Advisors Assocn (PAA).

Outside of business Bruce is a keen family man with 4 daughters (no shortage of challenges on the home front). When he does get some free time, he retreats to his music recording studio – Bruce is a singer/songwriter and music producer who plays electric guitar (loudly!) and keyboards – in his distant past he wrote and produced music jingles for radio and TV.

Bruce has been threatening for a long time now to cut his own album of original songs. A keen surfer (albeit with somewhat modest skills) Bruce cuts up the waves on the Coromandel whenever he can.

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