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Welcome to Cammell Consulting Group

Cammell Consulting Group is a leading specialist consulting and broking organisation providing solutions and services for employee benefits, business and personal risk management.

We meet the diverse needs of our clients through our professionalism, extensive experience, industry knowledge, technical expertise, innovation and maintaining a close and effective working relationship with our clients.

Bruce Cammell is the Managing Director of Cammell Consulting Group Limited. Bruce has 26 years experience in the financial services industry, and with his team, has developed Cammell Consulting Group into one of the leading consulting and broking organisations in this country. More info...


We provide a wide range of services including:

Corporates employee benefits
Group life and permanent disablement, income protection (salary continuance), medical healthcare, trauma (crisis cover) insurances; and voluntary personal risk insurances for employees.

Small to medium businesses business risk management strategies
Key person and shareholder/partner protection, business succession planning, commercial loan repayment, and business insurance for trusts.

Individuals personal risk management
Life, disability income protection, permanent disablement, trauma (crisis cover), and medical health insurances.

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